Coach Financing Affiliate Program

Earn $200 Per Referral + Revenue Share.*

Help Coaches Succeed and Get Paid.

Do you work with or have access to coaches, consultants, trainers, online course creators, or anyone selling high ticket programs from $1,000 to $50,000?

Do you coach, consult or work with industries that can utilize financing to grow, expand or improve their customer experience?

Want to build a new five to six-figure revenue stream (upfront plus monthly commissions) for your business?

We offer lending solutions for a variety of non-traditional and traditional business verticals such as…

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Non Traditional Verticals

Vocational Education & Certifications ​​

Earn $200 Per Sale Upfront + Revenue Share*.

For each coach you refer via your affiliate link earns you $200 in commissions. There’s no cap to the number of coaches you can refer.

*After you have referred 10 coaches, you will unlock our revenue share where you’ll earn 20% of the back-end revenue from the coaches you refer. (We will pay the revenue share on all coaches referred, including your first 10, for as long as they remain a customer.)

For example, if you referred 10 coaches who collectively processed $250,000 in financing last month, you will earn 20% of the 4% we receive. (Our fee is 5% and reserve 1% for administration each month.) This means you’d earn an additional $2,000 in commissions.

You earn the 20% revenue share for every coach you refer for life once you refer at least 10 clients to Coach Financing.

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