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Enroll More Clients And Sell More High Ticket Programs

If you are new to marketing your coaching or consulting business, you may have learned very quickly that marketing your services to find qualified prospects is only half of the battle.

Sometimes the biggest struggle coaches and consultants face is not only finding potential clients through their own marketing but actually enrolling those clients into their high ticket programs and services. Why? Money.

Let’s face it: Cash is king, especially in today’s economic climate. Individuals and business owners are being a little more protective when it comes to their cash as well as the amount of open credit on their credit cards.

It doesn’t matter how interested your potential coaching or consulting client is, or even how well of a fit your program is for them, if they don’t have the cash or credit to enroll into your program, there’s not much you can do on your own besides offering in-house financing. And even that carries its own risks.

This is exactly why Coach Financing was created.

While working with multiple high-ticket coaches and trainers over the years ourselves, we learned that one of the biggest pain points coaches faced was actually obtaining the fees for their services. Regardless if they had the perfect client who was all-in and ready to go, if they couldn’t afford the coaching or consulting services, they were left with few, if any options.

After over a year of securing our lender partnerships and building our own solution, we successfully created the first platform designed exclusively for coaches, consultants, and trainers to offer a viable financing solution to their clients.

So how can you use Coach Financing to enroll more clients and sell higher ticket programs?

The Struggle (To Obtain The Investment For Your Coaching) Was Real.

While working with multiple high-ticket coaches and trainers over the years ourselves, we learned that one of the biggest pain points those in high ticket sales and coaching faced was actually obtaining the investment for their services. Regardless if they had the perfect client who was all-in and ready to go, if they couldn’t afford the coaching or consulting services, they were left with few, if any options.

After over a year of securing our lender partnerships and building our own solution, we successfully created the first platform designed exclusively for coaches, consultants, and trainers to offer a viable financing solution to their clients.

So how can you use Coach Financing to make a bigger impact in your coaching business, enroll more clients, and sell higher ticket programs?

Upsell Clients To Higher Ticket Programs.

Let’s say that you’re a long-time life coach or even a new life coach and your initial high ticket coaching program has an investment of $2,500, but you also have a $5,000 and a $10,000 package which includes additional access to your courses, a mastermind, and one-on-one coaching. (By the way this is called the Value Ladder and every coach should have a clear strategy to move clients up the ladder.)

A prospective client, who was researching new life coaches, reaches out to you regarding your initial coaching program. After speaking to them about your package options, you both determine that your $10,000 is a much better fit for them because of the one-on-one coaching and mastermind program they get access to.

You begin talking about the investment and learn that they can afford your $2,500 package, but the $10,000 package is a little out of reach.

Normally coaches and consultants would either enroll clients into their lower package and hope the individual can work their way up to the higher-end program they need access to. Or, they finance their packages on their own and run the risk of spending much of their time chasing payments.

But with Coach Financing, there is a new option.

Using our client financing calculator, you determine that for a $10,000 loan, payments may range between $246 and $278 per month, depending on an individual’s credit profile. (Payments may be roughly $20 less or more than this range, depending on credit.)

You ask your prospect if they could afford payments of around $275 per month to access your top-level program and they confirm that they can.

You then direct your prospect to your custom landing page, they apply for financing for the $10,000 (which takes under one minute for pre-approval and has zero impact on credit score to see if they qualify) and are shown multiple offers from multiple lenders in our network.

They select the best offer for them and their budget, proceed to the full application, and the funds are deposited into their checking account within 24-72 hours.

You can then debit their checking account for the $10,000 and enroll them in your coaching or consulting program.

You receive your funds in full and your client gets access to your best program that they would have not been able to afford without financing. A win-win for all.

Financing For High-Ticket Coaching.

We offer financing up to $50,000 for high-ticket coaching with our traditional coach financing programs. However, we understand that every coach and business consultant who offers high ticket coaching services, training, or other programs have different business models they follow.

Some provide the ability for individuals or companies to get access to their programs with one purchase, while others may have a tiered system set-up where their clients need to upgrade as they advance through different membership levels.

In either case, we will work with you personally to put together a customized financing program that fits your business model and the needs of your clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Offering your clients financing creates many new marketing opportunities for your business. (Not to mention new revenue opportunities for your coaching business.) By creating a new high ticket coaching funnel, you can find those who would not normally be able to afford your programs.

For example, by offering your high ticket program at a $300 (estimated) per month price point instead of $10,000, you open the doors for many potential clients who need your coaching but just were not able to afford to pay the $10,000 investment in full.

Financing For Consulting Services.

For even higher ticket services, business consultants can have fees that start from the thousands of dollars and can often go into the six-figures for larger B2B consulting services.

For B2B consulting services, we offer multiple financing programs in which we can provide your clients with loans up to $5,000,000, depending upon their needs.

Like our high-ticket coaching financing services, we create fully customized solutions specifically tailored to your business needs.

Financing For Mastermind Programs.

As the coaching profession has exploded in popularity in recent years, Masterminds, Masterclasses, Virtual Events, Challenges, and group coaching has followed suit, and for good reason.

Mastermind programs provide immense value to clients because they can often interact with other like-minded individuals who may be facing some of the same challenges they are facing in their life and/or business. Group learning environments (physical or virtual) provide many enhanced learning opportunities that traditional online courses or one-on-one coaching does not provide.

Typically Mastermind programs carry much higher investments because of the preparation, knowledge shared, and access to the community all carry great value for clients. Mastermind programs can range from hundreds of dollars all the way into the six-figures, depending on the program. (For example, the coveted Necker Cup tennis tournament is hosted on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and the investment for the higher-end package for a couple is $122,000.)

Coach Financing provides you the ability to offer financing to individuals and businesses who would like to make payments for your mastermind or high-ticket coaching program rather than paying for the investment upfront.

Financing For Retreats (In-person and virtual).

Coaches and trainers have offered various retreats for years to their clients and students. They provide a great opportunity to travel to often luxurious destinations from private islands, cruises, world-class resorts, or even different countries. Retreats often include learning, seminars, training, as well as ample time for attendees to network, relax, or explore.

Although the pandemic caused a giant pause button to be placed on retreats for many coaches and their students, some have shifted to provide their retreats online for the time being.

Coach Financing provides financing solutions for both in-person and virtual (online) retreats to provide your attendees with another option for payment. Payments can be spread out from 12 to 60 months, or longer depending on the investment amount and credit profile of your client.

Financing For Seminars And Live (or Virtual) Events.

Like in-person retreats, live seminars have also had a large pause button placed on them for the most part (as of September 2020). The events of 2020 have pushed many coaches to shift their programs around and in some cases, shift their entire business model.

The rise of virtual events has exploded in 2020 with many coaches, consultants, and trainers moving their seminars online. In many cases, because of the reduced costs, this has brought the investment to attend the seminars down for attendees as well.

Coaches, consultants, and trainers who offer live or virtual seminars and events for over $1,000 can use Coach Financing to provide an option for their clients to make affordable monthly payments, rather than having to pay everything up front in cash or on a credit card. (Or using credit card stacking services to use multiple credit cards to cover the investment for coaching or a training program.)

Financing For Online Learning Programs

It’s no secret that 2020 marked a dramatic upswing in online learning across the board. From colleges to grade schools. Online courses to a virtually uncountable amount of Zoom meetings and training have marked 2020 as the year online learning programs and virtual learning became the norm.

The uses for online learning are nearly unlimited and many coaches, consultants, and trainers quickly jumped onto the virtual learning and webinar bandwagon in early to mid-year to provide their clients viable means to consume content.

Whether a coach is using live or recorded webinars, hosting their online learning program live, or using an LMS (Learning Management System) to house their training, how their clients obtain access to their course or training still remains the critical piece. And in most cases, access comes at a cost because of the value of the information and/or training a coach, consultant, or trainer shares.

Coach Financing provides you the ability to offer financing solutions for your online learning programs from $1,000 to $50,000. This makes investing in gaining new knowledge your clients can implement into their life and/or business much more affordable.

Best of all, our financing solution provides your clients with fixed payments each month over the life of the loan. And unlike credit cards, which have variable interest rates, we offer a fixed interest rate so your clients know that their loan will be paid off in full at the end of their term.

This can save your clients potentially thousands of dollars in interest and enable them to pay off their loan to access your program which uses an online learning platform. Additionally, there are zero pre-payment penalties so your clients can pay off their loan at any time.

Your clients can get access to your online learning program and you obtain your funds upfront and in full. Ready to start offering financing for your online learning?

Enroll into Coach Financing today and be up and running within the next 48-72 hours.

Financing For Certification Or Accreditation Programs

Coach Financing goes beyond individual coaches and also provides financing solutions for companies and institutions that provide their students with certification or accreditation programs.

Many individuals are investing in themselves by obtaining certificates over a Bachelor’s degree to save both time and money. But even at the reduced cost, financing for certificates and accreditation programs will open the doors to many more people who otherwise may not be able to cover the investment in full.

If you provide certification or accreditation programs from $1,000 to $50,000, we can create a customized financing solution to help you enroll more students.

Coach Financing: Your New Partner For High Ticket Offers

Regardless of the high ticket coaching packages you provide, if you have a high ticket offer that ranges from $1,000 to $50,000 or more, we can help you enroll more clients by making your programs more affordable for your clients.

How Can We Help You?

If you’d like to see how others are using Coach Financing to increase their cash flow and get paid within 48-72 hours, take a look at some of our case studies.

If you’re ready to offer financing to enroll more clients, enroll into Coach Financing today.

If you have any questions about how Coach Financing can help your business, feel free to contact us.


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