Frequently Asked Questions

For our Direct Funding solution, rates start as low as 5.99% and up. Payback terms are up to 60 months, depending on your customer's credit profile. Rates are fixed, not variable like a credit card, saving your customers money. Loans can be paid off anytime with zero penalties.

We keep everything simple. Our fee is just 5% of the loan. That's it.

The onboarding process typically takes three business days to set up your website and back office. The one item we will need from you is your logo (which we will get from you via email after you enroll) which you would like on your custom financing page.

Our loans are non-recourse, meaning we are 100% responsible for collecting the monthly payments, not you. Once you receive your money (within 48-72 hours), it is yours. There are zero chargebacks.

Yes! We will finance online training and courses (in addition to events, masterminds, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, consulting, and retreats).
Right now we are only available in the United States.

The 5% fee of the loan covers the cost of our lenders, platforms and API integrations, credit pulls, reporting, and the risks of financing coaching. You are only charged the 5% fee after you have received your funds from your client.

You are only charged a 5% fee on the funds you are paid from your client. For example, let's say you are selling a $5K package. Your client applies for financing and gets offers ranging from $5K to $20K. They take a $10K loan, pay you $5K, and use the remaining on another purchase. At the beginning of each month we provide you a list of funded loans through the protal we provide you with. You let us know the correct amounts you were actually paid. (It's an honor system.) You are only charged 5% of the amount you receive, not the total loan amount if a client takes a larger loan. You are also not charged a 5% fee if a client takes a loan and for some reason decides not to purchase your coaching.

Ultimately there is not a way to determine if someone will be approved or not based on credit score alone. The various lenders we work with have their own criteria. However, collectively, they all look at:

- Credit score
- Debt to income ratio
- Employment history

From there they look at the amount requested, their location (some lenders only work in specific states), and many other factors.

Given the diverse lender relationships across our network, we partner with lenders that provide financing to consumers with very challenged, good, and great credit to help you enroll more clients.

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