About Coach Financing

We started Coach Financing with a single purpose in mind: Helping solve real problems that many coaches and consultants face when it comes to expanding their reach, making an impact, and enrolling new clients. We are all about relentless personal service.

Meet Our Team

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We have been very active in the payments and financing professions for over 25 years serving both businesses and consumers.

During that time, we have processed billions of dollars in transactions, developed long-term partnerships with dozens of best of breed service providers, and currently serve over 3,000 clients across the United States under our brands.

Our corporate offices are located just north of Houston, Texas.

Woman paying a coach to make payments for her coaching services.

The Problem

As buyers of dozens of high-ticket coaching, consulting programs, and services over the years ourselves, we are well aware of the problems many consumers deal with when considering purchasing a coaching program. Clients see the value of these programs and want to enroll in a coaching arrangement but often just don’t have the funds readily available. Price becomes an issue that many coaches just can’t overcome.

In addition to the initial investment, many programs ask consumers to apply for multiple credit cards (credit card stacking) and take on expense revolving debt to participate in these programs. Coaches are then put in the predicament where they have to provide in-house financing or payment terms and take on the risk and management of payments over time. Now instead of fulfilling their mission and impacting lives, they are chasing payments, not to mention harming their cash flow.

There just wasn’t a good solution to provide qualified clients with the financing they needed to participate in these great coaching and consulting programs. Then in early 2019, an idea for a new solution was born…

Wallet filled with credit cards used to pay for coaching services, also known as credit card stacking.

The Solution

We took our 25 years plus experience working with businesses to provide working capital and financial transaction management and applied it to this problem. We found ourselves in a unique position due to our long-term banking, financing, and payment processing partnerships to develop a solution to meet the needs of these consumers who so desperately wanted to participate in these life-altering programs.

For the first time ever, we had a viable solution for consumers to obtain the funds they needed to invest into any coaching or consulting program, online courses, online learning programs, masterminds, and more.

We worked with our partners and developed a customized financing platform that accesses multiple lenders who were willing underwriting loans for coaching and consulting programs. Coach Financing.

Sticky notes brainstorming new platform to financing consulting and high-ticket coaching programs.

The 2020 Test​

2020 arrived, along with all of the challenges many businesses faced in the new world we all found ourselves in. We were not immune. Launching a new business right before the world went quiet was a unique and challenging experience.

The consumer financing world nearly froze, lenders adjusted their lending criteria, and our business model was put through the ultimate test. Would our custom lending solution designed specifically for consumers seeking loans for coaching or consulting (considered high risk) still provide approvals for loans?

We are proud to say that it did and still does today thanks to the relationships and custom solutions we developed specifically for these types of loans.

In fact, as of December 2022, we have processed over $150,000,000.00 in loans and now serve well over 1,000 coaches.

In 2020, the financing industry slowed down as everyone had to stay home and work safe during the situation.

The Future

Our future is one of constant innovation to ensure our customers have access to the best financing options available so they can better serve their clients and make the impact they are driven to deliver.

We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service, innovative solutions, and enhancements to our financing platform to ensure you reach and surpass your business goals today and for many years to come.

When you join Coach Financing, we view you as a business partner. And we take that partnership very seriously. Why? Because the more we help you succeed and enroll more clients into your programs, the more lives and businesses you can change for the better. And that’s what it’s all about.

Passion led us here written on road with creators who create online courses standing by it.

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