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How To Position Financing To Your High-Ticket Coaching Clients

Are you ready to experience a quantum leap in your high-ticket coaching, consulting, or online training business? By making one simple tweak in your marketing to potential high-ticket coaching clients, you can experience multiple breakthroughs professionally and financially in your business. When you offer potential clients the opportunity to

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Stack of $100 bills a coach received from financing their online coaching program.

Coaches: Get Access To Your Funds Within 48-72 Hours

If you ask any coach, trainer, or consultant what the holy grail is when it comes to receiving the investment for their services from their clients, they would all agree that it’s receiving payment for services in full and upfront. Unless you own a membership website or you have

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Man holding multiple credit cards used to pay for coaching services known as credit card stacking or loan stacking.

Credit Card Stacking Or Loan Stacking For Coaching Services

Loan stacking and credit card stacking have seen their share of both positive and negative views in the financial world. Consumers have stacked loans for legit purposes all the way to not-so-legit purposes and fraud. Loan stacking is obtaining multiple loans from multiple lenders and is typically used to

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