How Much Money Are You Losing By NOT Offering Financing For Your Coaching Services?

Are you struggling to reach your monthly revenue goals with your high-ticket coaching business? If so, you’re not alone.

Yes, we see many coaches winning awards for having five, six, and even seven-figure months. A feat that seems so far away for many new coaches who are starting their business or those wanting to scale their business to these levels.

But these levels can be achieved… especially if you offer your clients options on how they can enroll with you.

At Coach Financing, we are helping hundreds and hundreds of coaches around the country meet and exceed their revenue goals (not to mention a much higher ROAS). How?

By providing multiple financing options that fit their business and makes financing their coaching services easy for their clients.

To get an idea on how much revenue you’re missing out on by not offering financing to your clients, use the calculator below…

See How Much Money You Are Leaving On The Table In Your Coaching Business...

Use the first slider below to estimate how many new sales each month you could gain by offering financing for your coaching services. The second slider is the average investment your clients make with you.

We offer multiple financing options which you can offer to your clients, depending on your average ticket and monthly revenue.

From our base Coach Financing program (available to all coaches, at all revenue levels), our Elevate program (available to coaches who meet revenue requirements), all the way to Amplify, which is our full done-for-you service available to seven-figure coaches, we have financing options to fit your needs.

Many coaches are leaving tens of thousands of dollars per month on the table, not to mention how many new clients they could be helping if they offered financing for their coaching services.

We have a case study which we will be releasing in early 2022, that shows how one coach generated over $300,000 in just 3 days by emailing past potential clients who were unable to afford his coaching services before.

This was revenue just sitting on the table. All it took was one email out to the list of past prospects, announcing that there is a new financing option available for his coaching program.

How much revenue do you have sitting on the table right now?

How many people have you spoken to in the past, who would love to work with you, but were unable to afford your coaching for whatever reason?

Would generating an additional $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or more per month have an impact on your business and life?

We’re helping many coaches achieve these numbers (and much more). Why not you?

Want to learn more? Let’s schedule a call.

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Discover The Game-Changing Question To Ask Your Potential High-Ticket Coaching, Training, or Consulting Prospects To Enroll More Clients And Make a Bigger Impact.

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